NASA Pony Car Racing

Welcome to the home of the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) Pony Car racing series, the American Iron Series and the Camaro Mustang Challenge. Both series are packed full of wheel-to-wheel close racing with the excitement and sounds of V8 thunder.

The American Iron Series consists of three classes: American Iron (AI), American Iron Extreme (AIX) and Spec Iron (SI). The AI class is limited by a power-to-weight ration and other important factors to keep the cars on an even playing field despite including nearly every pony car that has been produced in the United States since 1960. The AIX class is more "gonzo" with big horsepower, true racing slick tires, and much more liberal build rules that make the cars wide open from the green flag. SI offers racers running 2005-2010 Mustang GT's an affordable "spec" build with direct support from Ford Racing.

The Camaro Mustang Challenge (CMC) series features more "stock" builds with 1982-2002 F-body General Motors car (Camaro and Firebird) and Ford Mustangs from 1979-2010. CMC cars are tightly controlled as to allowed modifications which makes this a true "driver's class" where skill behind the wheel is more important than skill in the workshop.

Both series are sanctioned by the National Auto Sport Association which is the fastest growing amateur racing sanctioning body in the nation. NASA offers programs for true beginners so you can get on the track quickly and easily by visiting and finding one of over 150 road course events near you today. You can also find on-demand video coverage of our National Championship races by visiting the NASA section at  Check out our forums for more information.

Find us on Facebook here for American Iron and here for Camaro Mustang Challenge.

2014 American Iron Extreme East Champion Chris Griswold

2014 American Iron East Champion Scott McKay

2014 American Iron West Champion Corey Weber

2014 Spec Iron East Champion Corey Rueth


2014 Camaro Mustang Challenge East Champion Derek Wright

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